Bookkeeping Services in Quincy, IL & Hannibal, MO

Here's what we do to help you outsource your bookkeeping

  • Set up a chart of accounts tailored to your business
  • Pay bills and coordinate client billing
  • Prepare payroll and tax deposits
  • Prepare Federal and State Employment Forms
  • Prepare Sales Tax Returns
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
  • Provide monthly financial reports (balance sheets, income statements, reconcile bank statement, etc)
  • Provide detailed reports to your CPA for tax return preparation
  • Offer assistance to supplement your accountants advice

Crim Administrative Accounting Services, Inc. recognizes that every business or organization has its own bookkeeping needs. We work with you to customize our bookkeeping service to meet your requirements. We provide quality service for you that is efficient and cost-effective.

Our customers realize the true cost of doing bookkeeping in-house is not only the employee's wages, but the opportunity cost of spending time away from core business activities. By using Crim Administrative Accounting Services, Inc., your business eliminates not only employee overhead, but also the costs of software purchases, upgrades, and training. Another benefit is that our bookkeepers can do the tasks in less time because of their many years of experience.

In today's tough economic climate, small businesses need every competitive advantage they can find. Recent studies have shown that companies which have a higher frequency of accounting (for instance, monthly instead of yearly) have a higher survival rate. Similarly, the better the books are kept correlates to a better survival rate.

Our service allows you to focus on what you do best...taking care of your customers.